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Florida Grapefruit League
2013 Attendence

April 15, 2013 -- Governor Rick Scott announced that seven teams set total attendance records and Florida Spring Training Baseball drew more than 1.6 million fans for the second consecutive season as 1,638,457 fans attended the 247 games of the 2013 season. In the 37 days of Florida Grapefruit League games played in 14 locations statewide, only two games were rained out.  On average, 6,633 fans attended the 247 games played between February 22 and March 30.

Governor Scott said, “Today’s news that seven teams set all time attendance records at Spring Training facilities in Florida demonstrates our success in attracting visitors to the state. Spring Training is critical to jobs for families throughout Florida. That’s why this session, I’ve worked to keep teams in the Sunshine State and keep our economy growing.”

The total attendance figure was compiled by the Florida Sports Foundation, a division of Enterprise Florida, Inc., from daily box scores and confirmed by each of the 15 teams in the Florida Grapefruit League.  Only games played in Florida between Major League teams were included in the total. Exhibition games against college teams and World Baseball Classic teams are not included in the final totals.

The seven teams setting attendance marks were the Baltimore Orioles (Ed Smith Stadium, Sarasota), Boston Red Sox (Jet Blue Park, Fort Myers), Detroit Tigers (Joker Marchant Stadium, Lakeland), Pittsburgh Pirates (McKechnie Field, Bradenton), Tampa Bay Rays (Charlotte Sports Complex, Port Charlotte), Toronto Blue Jays (Florida Auto Exchange Stadium, Dunedin) and Washington Nationals (Space Coast Stadium, Viera).

Eight teams topped the 100,000 mark in total attendance for the second consecutive year as the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees led the way with over 164,000 fans at games in Fort Myers and Tampa, respectively.  The Red Sox edged the Yankees by 44 fans with a total attendance of 164,840 at Jet Blue Park while the Yankees drew 164,796 to Steinbrenner Field.

The 2013 season celebrated the 125th Anniversary of Spring Training Baseball in the Sunshine State. The tradition began in 1888 when the Washington Statesmen traveled to Jacksonville to work out in the “off season.”  Since that time, the “off season” workouts have become an economic benefit to the state as Florida Spring Training Baseball provides the State of Florida a $753 million economic impact each year.  The total was determined by an economic impact survey, compiled during the 2009 season, by Bonn Marketing Research Group of Tallahassee. 

Since the 2000 season a total of 22,011,962 fans have attended Spring Training Baseball games in the State of Florida.

For more information about the Florida Grapefruit League and spring training baseball in the Sunshine State, please visit www.floridagrapefruitleague.com.

2013 Team-by-Team Florida Spring Training Attendance

Atlanta Braves - Disney's Wide World of Sports, Lake Buena Vista
18 Games: 134,811 total attendance; 7,490 average per game
Largest Crowd: 10,298 vs. New York Yankees, Saturday, March 16

Baltimore Orioles - Ed Smith Stadium, Sarasota
17 Games; 120,455 total attendance; 7,086 average per game
Largest Crowd: 8,797 vs. Tampa Bay Rays, Thursday, March 14
Boston Red Sox - JetBlue Park, Fort Myers
17 Games; 164,840 total attendance; 9,696 average per game
Largest Crowd: 9,987, vs. Tampa Bay Rays, Saturday, February 23
Detroit Tigers - Joker Marchant Stadium, Lakeland
17 Games; 136,858 total attendance; 8,050 average per game
Largest Crowd: 10,451 vs. Tampa Bay Rays, Friday, March 29

Houston Astros - Osceola County Stadium, Kissimmee
16 Games; 53,602 total attendance; 3,350 average per game
Largest Crowd: 5,013, vs. Philadelphia Phillies, Sunday, March 10
Miami Marlins - Roger Dean Stadium, Jupiter
15 Games; 65,496 total attendance; 4,366 average per game
Largest Crowd: 6,934 vs. New York Yankees, Friday, March 8

Minnesota Twins - Hammond Stadium, Fort Myers
17 Games (one cancellation); 113,845 total attendance; 6,697 average per game
Largest Crowd: 8,366 vs. New York Yankees, Friday, March 22

New York Mets – Tradition Field, Port St. Lucie
17 Games; 83,412 total attendance; 4,907 average per game
Largest Crowd: 6,761 vs. Atlanta Braves, Sunday, March 17

New York Yankees - Steinbrenner Field, Tampa
16 Games; 164,796 total attendance; 10,300 average per game
Largest Crowd: 11,028, vs. Pittsburgh Pirates, Thursday, March 28

Philadelphia Phillies - Bright House Field, Clearwater
16 Games; 138,313 total attendance; 8,645 average per game
Largest Crowd: 11,100, vs. Baltimore Orioles, Sunday, March 17
Pittsburgh Pirates - McKechnie Field, Bradenton
15 Games (one cancellation); 93,433 total attendance; 6,229 average per game
Largest Crowd: 8,541, vs. New York Yankees, Sunday, March 17

St. Louis Cardinals - Roger Dean Stadium, Jupiter
16 Games; 98,715 total attendance; 6,170 average per game
Largest Crowd: 7,629, vs. Detroit Tigers, Saturday, March 16

Tampa Bay Rays - Charlotte Sports Park, Port Charlotte
17 Games at Charlotte Sports Park, 1 at Tropicana Field; 106,102 total attendance; 5,895 average per game
Largest Crowd: 15,167 vs. Detroit Tigers,,Saturday, March 30 at Tropicana Field

Toronto Blue Jays – Florida Auto Exchange Stadium, Dunedin
16 Games; 78,509 total attendance; 4,907 per game average
Largest Crowd: 5,561, vs. Detroit Tigers, Saturday, March 9

Washington Nationals - Space Coast Stadium, Viera
16 Games; 85,270 total attendance; 5,329 per game average
Largest Crowd: 7,415 vs. Atlanta Braves, Wednesday, March 27

Florida Spring Training Total Attendance
247 Games (two cancellations); 1,638,457 total attendance; 6,633 per game
Florida Spring Training (2000-2013)
2013: 1,638,457 total attendance; 6,633 average attendance
2012: 1,622,957 total attendance; 6,965 average attendance
2011: 1,571,196 total attendance; 6,575 average attendance
2010: 1,427,627 total attendance; 6,640 average attendance
2009: 1,561,873 total attendance; 6,030 average attendance
2008: 1,677,858 total attendance; 6,478 average attendance
2007: 1,716,840 total attendance; 6,243 average attendance
2006: 1,604,393 total attendance; 5,855 average attendance
2005: 1,598,454 total attendance; 6,244 average attendance
2004: 1,557,934 total attendance; 5,792 average attendance
2003: 1,397,144 total attendance; 5,272 average attendance
2002: 1,538,444 total attendance; 5,028 average attendance
2001: 1,500,184 total attendance; 5,320 average attendance
2000: 1,598,255 total attendance; 5,473 average attendance


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